Hip Hop Matters


The Hip Hop culture is a well-known trend in the mega music and fashion industry all around the globe. The hip hop styles and sounds molded with fusion genres vary from region to region. As an evolved genre for the past five decades, the hip hop artists try to create an impression through the messages conveyed in the songs and styles. The impact of popularization makes hip hop matter to the general audience and is even being used for commercial purposes.

In the modern days, Hip Hop is becoming an influential trend in various aspects of art and music. The categorization of hip hop matters in the fields of rap music, turntablism commonly known as “DJing”, b-boying also known as break-dancing and graffiti art. These are known as the four elements where hip hop has made an impact. These together make coherence to the hip hop culture grabbing the attention of teenagers and young adults. People get together organizing hip hop music festivals and hip hop based political movements uniting everyone and making hip hop matter to those who indulge it.

When it comes to hip hop culture, it has grown a self-perpetuating and notorious reputation as a cultural movement. This movement is committed to defy the cultural and political mainstream. The hip hop style continues to expand its boundaries with time making large record sales and trend sets. These aspects have become the soul of hip hop culture making it matter even more.

The hip hop music and the related rap music make a prominent mark in hip hop culture. Hip hop artists like Eminem, Drake and Jay-z have made an influence on the life-styles of their fan base, and has even been helpful in letting out the pain jailed in the hearts of young minds through hip hop music.

Graffiti bound with hip hop has made possible to give an artistic visual expression to express ideas and convey opinions. Even though some consider this as vandalism or trash, this has quite an artistic value to showcase the values of ideas and concepts in the form of graffiti related to hip hop.

In conclusion, the importance of hip hop and how it matters in the modern day society can be seen clearly on the influence it has made in the past few decades. The movement of hip hop culture making its stand on the politics and social life has been appealing to many and has given birth to a new view of artistic creations.

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