How To Compose A Strong Argumentative Essay On Capital Punishment: Basic Tips

As a popular genre of writing and particularly an academic writing assignment, an argumentative essay requires students to scrutinize a particular topic or subject matter, generate, collect and evaluate required evidences and finally create a clear position on that topic in a precise and concise style. If you have been assigned to write an argumentative essay on capital punishment, you need to conduct extensive research of your literature or any other existing materials discussing elaborately on capital punishment.

Giving an organized start:

Because capital punishment is one of the most frequently discussed topics, it has several aspects, and you have to determine which aspect you will use to state your arguments. You must decide whether you will speak positively of it or stand against it. The best thing to do is to choose one particular aspect that has a lot of resources discussing the topic in details. An argumentative paper will typically require you to conduct empirical research which means that you may need to collect your data through practical surveys, observations, interviews, and experiments. In view of these challenges, you can choose to either stand against capital punishment to protect humanity or its benefits to eliminate crime scenes from the society.

Presenting a complete argument:

Before organizing the style of your arguments, you can picture a particular situation that involves you holding a debate or conversation with one of your classmates. Just like your conversation that would have a start, middle and end note, the argumentative essay you are writing on capital punishment must have its beginning, middle and the conclusion. If you intend to talk about the benefits of capital punishment, try to include everything that precisely supports your arguments and clarifies your intention. On the contrary, your essay should convey a complete explanation in the form of arguments if you do not support the practice.

Making it a five-paragraph essay:

An argumentative essay is usually written in five paragraphs. The five-paragraph model includes an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs focusing on evidences and opposing ideas and a clear conclusion showing the intention of the writer. However, this model is not the only one to follow, but the idea behind this five-paragraph model is its straightforward exposure.

Since you are trying to argue over the necessity or ills of capital punishment, you are likely to work with multiple research sources, meaning that you can definitely increase the number of paragraphs. You may need to discuss the various contexts regarding capital punishment in different countries. Also, you may need to explain different opinions from governments, human rights organizations and lawyers.

All these factors will give you an added flexibility to write a powerful argumentative paper on the topic.

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