How to write a compelling essay in 5 simple steps

Essay writing is a very daunting task, especially for the school going students who are really new with the challenge. They are in their learning stages, so the teachers too show a lot of leniency while evaluating them. A positive feedback from teachers always encourages them and that should be in mind of the teachers all the time. They should point out their mistakes as well, but at the same time the teachers must appreciate the good things in the essay as well. This approach of the teachers will develop interest in the students in writing and with time their writing will get mature and they will have all the potential to become a professional writer. Students face different types of challenges in the writing. As all students are different, so their thinking is different as well. Some find issues with a specific type of task while others have the issues of their own. The teachers in this regard must give special individual consideration to all students and must try to find out that what exactly is the issue that they are facing. The students must try things on their own and can find some really useful help through the internet.

5 simple steps to write an essay:

If the students are struggling and finding it hard to manage their IB essay writing, then they can break the task into different sections. This will help them to deal with every section individually. They can conquer all the sections one by one through extreme hard work and determination shown in the task. The following is a list of 5 simple steps which the students must follow for making their task easier to write:

  1. Research and Brainstorming
  2. research and brainstorming is the first major task which every student must follow. You have to research on different areas in order to find out certain subject to write on. Brainstorm about different ideas and try to note them down on a paper so that you can refer them later with ease when needed. Collect enough material as you can and don’t bother about deleting anything from your notes at this part of the time.

  3. Topic Selection
  4. Out of all the research that you have done, you must shortlist the ideas to find a topic on which you can write on. The topic should be selected by considering a number of factors. It should be of a lot of interest to you. You must have enough knowledge about the topic and also you should know from start to end that what you will include under this topic.

  5. Introduction
  6. Introduction is the first part of your practical writing. It makes the first impression on your reader so make sure that you start with a bang with an eye catching start. It must attract the attention of the reader who will then look to read your paper right till the end.

  7. Body
  8. The body of your paper is its heart. It is the place where you should include all the facts and information about the topic. Also make sure to add some examples relevant to the topic.

  9. Conclusion
  10. This is where your essay terminates. Make sure to leave a very good impression on your reader who reads till the end. You can give your own idea to give a logical ending.