Jonathan Edwards

There are many things that happen during the youthful life of most adventurous young adults. The most important thing is that these things may never be the last things that dictate how your life will be for the rest of your life. Most of the youths just want to experiment and experience things and end up end up refusing to accept the few common facts about life. Jonathan Edwards was one of these people who want to believe what they think. When he was young, he could not accept that God’s sovereignty. He once wrote of how he had objections about Gods doctrine and how it appeared horrible to him. This did not however dictate what he would end up being in life.

Jonathan Edwards’s changing point

Despite what you believe, everyone has got a turning point in life. It is only important that when your turning point comes you embrace it and move on. Change is the only thing that is constant in life and in 1721 eighteen years after his birth, it was Jonathan’s time for change. During his time of change he was reading a bible a book that talked about a doctrine that he had so many objections about. This shows that we may not be able to keep ourselves from change especially if your time in ready. Jonathan Edwards could not help but imagine how much he would enjoy and be happy in the doctrine of God. This message swallowed him up and he got a new sense totally different from any he had experienced before.

Freedom of the will

Although Jonathan had accepted the doctrine of God and even god ordained as a pastor, he could not administer the open communion when his grandfather left him a congregation to lead. This was because he believed that this converted ordinance and he still believed that this was harmful. This greatly affected his ministry and led to dismissal in 1750. He was forced to move to Massachusetts and there he was able to administer to a smaller congregation and at the same time serving as a missionary to the Indians. He always valued reading and during this time he set aside at least 13 hours a day for study. He had the time to complete his work “The Freedom of the Will” that was celebrated so much. In the year 1758, after being a friend of the New Jersey College since inception, Edwards got elected as its president.

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