A List Of Great Informational Essay Writing Prompts For 5th Grade Students

In fifth grade, you are just getting started on an educational journey that will include a lot of writing and truly learning how to become a pro at essay writing. You will need to learn a lot of the basic concepts and eventually some of the hard stuff. But for now, your teachers will most likely stick to the easy parts. For example, they will give you various types of essay throughout the year and make you find a topic to write about for each one. If you are given the assignment of writing an informational paper, you have a ton of options in trying to figure out what to make your topic. An informational essay does what it sounds like. Its purpose is to inform the reader and/or audience on your topic, which has and an endless supply of possible topics. To make things much easier in the idea and topic choosing part of the process, here are some excellent topics to choose from for you informational essay.


You could inform people about any person you want to. Is could be your favorite artist, role model, band, or whoever else you may want to talk about.

A hobby of yours

Write the paper about a hobby that you have. This could be anything that you like doing that can be explained in a way that teaches the reader something.

Life Lesson

If you have learned something valuable in your life and you are able to share it in a way that can teach and inform, then you should go for it and use it as a topic for your paper.

A Passion and/or Social issue

If there if something that you are super passionate about, then you could use that as well. For example, if you are for or against something that is going on in your school, your town, state, country, or even the world, then you can use it for the paper. If there is something that you have a problem with or want make people aware of, then this is also a good place for that. Here are some examples:

  1. Childhood obesity
  2. Rules and/or laws that you do or do not like
  3. Alcoholism
  4. Drug abuse


The term media basically covers anything that you watch or listen to via you electronic devices. This could be a TV show, a certain movie, music, your favorite book, and a ton of other things.

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