Do you remember the warm, cushy feeling of being tucked in a soft duvet on a cold winter night with your mother sitting by your side, gently kissing you a goodnight? Do you remember the tough time when you nervously carried home the scorecard and to your surprise did not receive any scolding from your father who instead motivated you to do better next time? Do you remember the sinking feeling churning in the stomach while going to hostel far away from home and the ecstasy of coming back to your loved ones on vacations? Do you remember the hard time in college and workplaces where you are suddenly asked to quit all plays and grow up to take part in the cruel race of competition? Do you remember the good time when your colleagues pull you out of the misery after being bogged down by your boss? I am sure you do. We all have experienced these sites once in our lifetime to understand the importance of loved ones surrounding us. These loved ones who support you in all adverse situations are called Family.

Parents, siblings, cousins, teachers, mentors, colleagues, friends, partners, mates – each one has been part of our family in this journey of life. Many a times we fail to understand the importance of having unconditional support from the family support unless we encounter a trouble or difficulty where we desperately need them to take us out of the mess. Family is the essence of life. There have been various researches conducted in this field to understand the challenges faced in any relationship. Various empirical studies and approaches are also being undertaken to figure out the successful ways of keeping families intact and freeing it from differences in terms of thoughts or opinions. The Journal of Family Studies (JFS) is one of the popular family research journals that addresses the latest problem faced in maintaining relations between couples and families. The body addresses important issues relating to the following:

  • Motherhood, feminisms and the future ;
  • In-betweenness: being mother, academic and artist;
  • Family Violence;
  • Differences in thoughts – Mother and adult daughter;
  • Enough time for children; and many more.

Thus, the importance of family is being recognized throughout the world and people are taking every effective step possible to maintain relation as someone has correctly pointed, ‘united we stand, divided we fall’.

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