Crafting A Decent Persuasive Essay On Recycling: Helpful Directions

Any essay can be a difficult task for a student, but a persuasive essay is especially hard because you have to convince the reader to see things from your particular perspective. This is not an easy task. Getting someone to change their mind about something can be extremely difficult. Recycling is currently a hot topic. Not nearly enough people are doing enough recycling if they bother to do it at all. This means that you have to convince them to stop creating needless waste. If changing their mind is what you have to do, especially if they find it too inconvenient, you might try using these helpful directions to make this job a little easier and give you an advantage.

Helpful Directions

  • Believe what you are saying
  • Remind them of the consequences
  • Have facts and statistics to back it up

Believe what You Are Saying

If you don’t truly believe that what you are saying is the truth, then how can you expect anyone else to believe you? You just can’t. Oftentimes the reader can tell if you believe what you are saying by how you say it. If you speak with passion for your subject, then it will show in your writing, and people are far more likely to respond to it. They are more likely to change their minds.

Remind Them of the Consequences

There are some seriously dire consequences to not recycling. If you remind them that their children or grandchildren will have to deal with the fallout of their selfishness or unwillingness to participate in keeping their planet clean and free of unnecessary debris, then they are more likely to make a real change. They won’t want to hurt those that they love.

Have Facts and Statistics to Back It Up

Some people respond better to facts than they do to emotional reasons to do something. If you give them the facts on how many landfills there are and the statistics on what it is predicted to be like in even ten years, they might be swayed. Understanding what the cost is can make a real difference.

Essays like this can be easy if you have the right directions. These three things can help you to influence your audience and get them to do what you want. There are other ways to go about making this happen, but these directions should help.

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