20 Excellent Persuasive Essay Topics You Should Consider

Persuasive essays are very interesting both for writing and for reading. But before you start writing, you need topics. We all topics are very important for a successful writing. And in this type of writing, the topic is a necessity. You must have to select a catchy topic. Otherwise, you cannot be successful. So be on your guards to find out the topics. And we are here to help you. Here we will provide you 20 best topics on this.

20 Topics

  • Is it fair to accept the western concept of education and implement it to the east?
  • What should be the basic concept of education. Is it for money or for morality?
  • Are religion and spirituality two totally different things? How?
  • Can spirituality be included in the education system?
  • What is the real concept of Yoga? Is it just about to keep your body fit or something else?
  • Is our mind a faulty machine?
  • Do our minds have the capability of judging all the things or it is our ego, which tries to judge everything by the help of our mind?
  • Are the TV channels really maintaining the code of prohibiting the cruelty to the animals?
  • Is TRP the main agenda of the media or they have some moral agenda?
  • Do the students really learn something moral from the educational institutions?
  • Can a child be considered as an angel or a beast?
  • Are human beings really superior to the other beings? On what grounds can you say that?
  • The evolution of the spirit or the evolution of the matter? What is the real cause of the evolution of the universe?
  • The feministic movement is now becoming a monopolized movement of the Europeans.
  • What should be our attitude for sex education?
  • What is a really critical judgment?
  • Is our conception about the world ok?
  • Are the things really three dimensional or more than that!
  • How long the world will have its natural resources?
  • Is a catastrophe at hand for the world?

All these topics are well risen one and there is enough scope to elaborate them. What you have to do is just to concentrate on the topics and collect necessary information on that. We wish you success in your writing career.

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