Loosing Yourself In Drugs

Drugs are used for many reasons, some of which are perfectly legal while others are not. There are varying opinions on the use of mind altering chemicals, some think they should not be used at all while others believe that everyone should have the right to decide whether they want to use a drug or not. In the middle it seems, there are those that believe they should only be used as regulated by government law.

Medical Dependencies

Some medically prescribed treatments can make the user dependent on the effects and often find themselves unable to stop craving the feelings even after their prescribe period has ended. This is common in cases where anti depressants are prescribed and the euphoric feelings these medications provide can become addictive, in fact many of these pills are taken strictly for recreation purposes. How people come to acquire these prescription only pills is another matter entirely.

Legal abuse

Drugs are not limited to pills and intravenous chemicals that are hard to access and or ingest. Alcohol, tobacco and in some places, marijuana, are legal and easily consumable by anyone over the legal age limits which can be different depending on the location. Many cultures have events dedicated specifically for alcohol consumption and some religions even use marijuana as a meditative aid. Tobacco is utilized by millions worldwide and is the leading cause of lung cancer related deaths.

Illegal usage and production

You have seen in movies, or even the people in real life, cooking, distributing, selling and abusing various illegal substances to get high. Ironically, many of the illegal chemicals are used by professional medical practitioners for essential medical procedures. Cocaine, one of the most addictive substance in use by addicts, is the main anesthetic used by doctors in hospitals around the world. These drugs are responsible for many instances of gang wars and deaths by over dose. Only the lucky few live to become millionaires through the distributions business.


One scary issue facing the drug use by humans situation is the development of super pathogens, resistant to a chemical we have come to depend on for our very lives. Antibiotics have drastically reduced human deaths by infection but now we face the prospect of forever losing this tool due to pathogens ability to mutate and adapt.

It is safe to say that a vast majority of the world depends on drugs for one reason or the other and because the substance may be legal, doesn't make it any less harmful.

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