Depression And Cardiac Disease

Understanding Depression

Depression is one of the few psychological problems people experiences that is often overlooked or left undiagnosed till it is no longer manageable. People who go through depressive phases might define their times as lapses of utmost dejection and despondency that makes them feel insufficient not just for the world but also for themselves. In order to cope with one’s own depression or even to help a loved one come out of it, it is important to not just understand what it is but also to understand the very drastic influences it can have on one’s mind and body.

Living in the 21st century, depression can be caused by a number of reasons such as being bullied as a child, not having enough money, a terrible heartbreak or even because of a death of a loved one. Every individual copes with depression in a different way, however, for some the coping mechanism might entail ignoring the problem altogether. As a result, they might go into a phase of no communication, dejection and sheer sadness that creates a whirlpool of negativity in them. In order to come out of the phase, people might require a lot of familial support and constant therapeutic sessions with psychologists. In more manic cases, they might also be medicated.

Depression And Cardiac Diseases

A lot of people tend to believe that the reason why one person experiences a heart related problem is because of a flaw in the organ itself. This might not always be true. Sometimes, in fact, most of the times, psychological pain has a lot to do with issues related to the heart. A lot of doctors and heart specialists have looked into the matter with the help of experienced and trained psychologists. Through their analysis and assessment of the way the mind and body works it was established that the emotions of an individual that are often depressing and insufficient can impact the rate at which the heart works. They assessed individuals suffering from heartbreak and realized that through feelings of insufficiency, their mind released double the amount of dopamine and lessened cortisol. As a result the rate of depression spikes.

Therefore, in order to understand depression and cardiac diseases it is important to understand the influence each have on the other. The mind can in no way be separated from the body. Each have a lot of influence on the other both in negative and positive ways.

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