Where To Search For Five-Paragraph Descriptive Essay Examples

Five paragraph descriptive essays are perfect examples of writing skill. They basically include a full description of an event wrapped up in five paragraph structure. Writing such a piece demands a powerful control of the story and demonstrates the ability of the author to explain everything in a given range.

In order to clarify the sample of descriptive essay in five stages, we’ve made a list of vital things to know about this kind of a structure.

  1. Everything starts by stating of the general opinion about the selected topic. This is the level of motivation.
    • Why did you choose that exact topic?
    • When did you find out about your interest for the given activity?
    • What has inspired you to write about it?
  2. Second level of writing is the description of properties associated with an event.
    • What did the activity look like?
    • What state of the moment emotions did it trigger?
  3. The description of the exact experience represents the third stage.
    • How did you do it?
    • Was it a voluntary or involuntary action?
    • Were you alone or you had company?
  4. The effect stage – personal assessment of everything that’s been described so far.
    • What did you feel afterwards (after the experience has settled down)?
    • In what ways has this experience changed you?
  5. Assessment stage – the permanent effect on a personal development
    • What did you learn from this experience?
    • Did it present a permanent value in your life?

Since you’ve gotten familiar with the concept of a segmented essay, you just need to have some concrete samples of writing for the successful completion of your assignment. In order to provide help in that area, we’ve constructed another list of helpful hints and advice.

  • Keep in mind the fact that every written work of this sort is constructed of the exact same segments. If you thoroughly read the entire written work, you’ll be able to define all the stages. Good examples can be found among the assignments by your friends in your classroom.
  • Find out about the results of the literary contest that was recently organized in your school. Having an insight into the best assignments can be a valuable experience.
  • Browse the Internet during your search for samples. Authors of good written tasks often publish their accomplishments on blogs or specialized websites.
  • It goes without saying that textbooks and manuals offer the best material for the development of individual writing skills.

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