Electrical Hazards In Workplace

Electric hazards can be very harmful if they are present in any workplace. Electricity is very useful in most of the activities in many and various workplaces. However carelessness and lack of frequently checking appliances may be very harmful and dangerous. The effects of the presence of electrical hazards in the workplace could be fatal. Other effects of electrical hazards available in a workplace include property damage. A lot of assets may be damaged in case of fires in the workplace caused by faulty wiring. These fires could also cause harm and injury to people working in these areas and even to the visitors in the particular work environment. The procedure of performing risk assessment should be repeated in the workplace frequently to ensure that risks of occurrence of harmful effects are known to all and that the necessary precautions are put in place in case of any of these dangerous incidents happen from electrical appliances.

Examples of Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

Several hazards related to electricity could be available in the workplace. Shocks are one example. The shock could be a hazard caused by individuals who make contact with wires that have been left live and are not repaired. Touching live wires left in a workplace could also cause burns. The degree to which an individual is shocked or burns may vary. It is vital, however, to note that shock and burns could be fatal. Arcing exposure is likely to cause injury to employees in the workplace. Injuries may increase absenteeism in the workplace as employee’s ability to work is hampered. Fire in a workplace may be as a result of the faulty installation of appliances in the workplaces. The fire could damage a lot of property resulting in massive losses. The fire could also cause injuries and death to people in the workplace. Explosions may occur in the workplaces in case of dust and accumulation of vapors in the air caused by electrical apparatus.

Prevention of Electrical Hazards in the Workplace

Workers education on how to work with and handle electricity and appliances must be prioritized in all workplaces. Risk assessment should also be done more frequently. It is also essential to ensure that all devices of electrical nature in the workplace are well maintained. Any repairs for electrical appliances should be done by hiring qualified persons who are competent in the field of electricity. A frequent check of the workplace and all electrical appliances is also important.

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