In the current world, a female who is not capable of bearing a child can have one through surrogacy. In this, a fertile woman carries a baby and gives birth on behalf of the one who does not have the capability of conceiving. Many legal issues are encompassed during surrogacy; hence individuals intending to proceed with the option are recommended to seek legal advice. Studies have confirmed surrogacy to be an effective method of conception. However, it is necessary to be conversant with the risks that are involved during this process.

The type of surrogacy that needs to be conducted determines the risks that will be involved in the process. Full surrogacy has its own risks while partial surrogacy has other risks. All those who partake in the surrogacy need to be screened to ensure that they do not transfer hepatitis or HIV. A registered donor at a clinic should also be screened to prevent the risks. In addition, surrogacy requires fertility treatment. Fertility treatment is associated with some risks which should be discussed before the process is conducted. Some of the risks include; risks associated with the pregnancy and reactions to the fertility drugs. The kids who are born as a result of the treatment could also encompass some health problems.

Apart from the above health risks, other risks could be drug related. Individuals who take part of the surrogacy process are likely to develop drug reaction problems. Some experience a feeling of being down, hot flushes, headache, being irritable or restlessness. Others experience multiple births such as triplets, twins or more. This is thought to be the greatest health risk that is associated with the fertility drugs. Some people acquire these symptoms after embryo transfer. However, HFEA has made restrictions on the number of embryos that should be transferred. The babies that are formed from the multiple births are likely to be premature among other health risks.

Surrogacy is considered to be an effective method of obtaining children. This biological method is faced with risks that fall on the mother and the preceding births. However, this method requires screening to ensure that it is effective. Those intending to proceed with this option should seek legal advice in order to reduce complications after the process. This is because surrogacy has encompassed various health risks that prompt further medical advice. In order to obtain mature babies who encompass the normal birth weight, it is advisable to consult a health expert before proceeding with the decision.

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