What To Know About The Illustration Essay Layout

Writing an illustration essay means you are tasked with writing a piece of text that will be demonstrative in nature. It forces the student as part of the assignment to be precise and exact in all areas of the writing and normally is one of the first types of writing assignments that students will encounter in their course work.

There are several considerations you must understand about the layout of this type of writing, here are a few things to consider before you get started.

Topic selection

The first consideration for this type of work is to select a topic that will be clear in your mind and that you can visualize. For example, if your topic is about the value of friendship, then consider your own friends and if you can adequately describe the depth and value of that relationship. When you are picking a topic you do not have to be a content area expert, just be able to visual and describe the topic.

Introductory statement

The next step to developing this piece of work is to put together an introductory statement about your topic. Take the topic you have selected and develop a well formed statement that provides your reader with a clear idea of the subject you will be illustrating. If you find this difficult to put down in writing then revisit your topic and ensure it is clear.

Develop the body of the illustration

Once you have selected a topic and defined it in an introductory statement the next step is to develop the body of the illustration. Some topics may require additional investigation and gathering examples while others will allow you to pull from your own personal experiences but use the examples to develop the main portion of the writing.

Keep the audience in mind

Throughout your writing you must keep in mind who your audience is and what type of experiences they may have had. This will show how detailed you must be or what type of examples will be relevant for the work. Keep the audience in mind throughout the assignment to ensure you will be able to illustrate your points sufficiently.

Conclusions and summary

The end of every good piece of writing will require a comprehensive summary. Go back and restate your topic and summarize the illustrative points that you made to bring the work to a conclusive end.

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