Amazonia is an English term for what is widely known as the Amazon rainforest. Others call it the Amazon jungle. It is a forest covering a very big part of the Amazon Basin located in South America. The area includes some territory representing nine nations. A big part of the forest is found in Brazil taking about sixty percent of the Amazon rainforest. The second territory is Peru that covers about 13% followed by Colombia having 10% of the region and other sections shared between Ecuador, Venezuela, French Guiana, Bolivia, Suriname and Guyana.

The Amazon rainforest

The Amazon is a very important feature in the entire universe. It accounts for more than half of the remaining rainforests on earth. It forms part of the biggest and most bio-diverse expanse of tropical rainforest in the entire world having an approximate number of three hundred and ninety billion trees that can be categorized into about sixteen thousand species.

The formation of the Amazonia is alleged to have been back in the Eocene era. It occurred after an international decrease of the tropical temperatures at a time when the Atlantic Ocean had enlarged greatly to offer a warm and moist climate around the Amazon basin. Therefore, the Amazonia has been around for at least over fifty five million years and a big part of continued to remain free of any kind of savanna-kind of biomes up to around the present ice age when the climate became dry with a wide spreading of the savanna.

Other aspects of Amazonia

Archaeological evidence shows that human inhabitants initially settled in the Amazonia at least about 11,200 years back. Further developments led to the later settlements that were seen along the edge of the forest about 1250AD. This led to some changes of the forest cover caused by human activities. The wet tropical forests are termed as the most rich based on the quality and amount of species when compared to those in Asia and Africa.

The Amazonia has unmatched biodiversity owing to its huge nature. Most of the documented species are found in the Amazonia. It has over the years remained as the biggest collection of both animal and plants species in the entire world. The only challenges to the Amazonia include deforestation through land development and human settlement. This poses a lot of danger to biodiversity loss leading to its destruction.

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