The Best Method To Find A Proofread Sample Of A College One-Page Essay

If you are facing the task of writing a one-page essay for your college assignment, the best first step to take is have a look at a sample essay written in the same style before you begin composing your own. This will give you a good idea of how to structure the essay within a short word count, what kind of writing style you are supposed to employ and the way you deal with the topic at hand.

Finding a reliable and proofread sample

Finding a reliable sample that has been proofread and edited for college specifications and standards can be more difficult than you think. While there are several websites and services on the internet, who offer samples and assistance in writing an essay such as this, finding a quality one can be tough. A lot of writing services dish out factory-style essays following the same structure and construct for all their essays. Relying on one of these as a reference for your own essay can be a risk as it might not meet the standards that you are supposed to follow for your college submission. The following is a method you can use to find an excellent sample for your college one-page essay:

  1. First, look for a website that has been recommended by several people,like Whether you find it on student forums, on websites that deal with academia or through friends - using recommendations given by authentic people for a company or service is extremely valuable.

  2. Second, try looking for a set of rules and standards that your college follows for their essay submissions. This can be easily found on your college website or a manual that should be available in your library. You can also ask your teachers or a senior student to give you a few tips on how this essay should be written. Use these tips to compare the essay samples you have found on the website. If they match to a large extent you can be more certain the sample essays on this particular website are reliable.

  3. Finally, the sample essays that are proofread will not have grammatical, spelling or contractual errors. If some parts of the sample essays you are reading sound off or incorrect, the chances are that they have not been thoroughly proofread.

It is helpful to go through proofread samples before writing your own essay, this online resource, for instance, is an excellent example of the kind of websites you should be referencing.

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