How To Get A Great Sample Of A Compare And Contrast Essay

Before students start writing their compare and contrast essay, they should first read through some samples. Every type of writing is different, so it is important that students understand the correct way to write their paper. By finding examples online and offline, students will be able to get a top score on their assignment.

Ask a Professor

Teachers have graded numerous essay assignments in the past, so they know exactly what it takes to get a good grade. Students should always start by asking their teacher for an example because that is the best way for the student to find out exactly what the teacher wants and how they will be grading it. Often, students can visit their professor during office hours or after class to ask for some help on their assignment.

Look on Writing Websites

There are many different websites online that cater to different writing styles. If students are uncertain about the type of writing that they need, they can do a basic search for compare and contrast essays. Although some of these websites charge money, there are several available that offer basic samples for free. In addition, academic and college websites will also include different types of sample writing.

Ask a Friend

Compare and contrast writing is one of the most common assignments handed out by English teachers. Due to this, many students have used this style of writing in the past and may have example documents. Individuals can ask their classmates, family members or close friends if they have any old assignments available. Since these examples will have already been graded, thy are a useful way for the student to see exactly what they are expected to do in their own writing.

Once students have found an example, they can begin to use it for their assignment. They should start by looking at the structure and general format. The topic sentences are a clear indication of how the argument is set up, and these sentences can also demonstrate how transition words are used to improve the flow of the writing.

School assignments do not have to be difficult. Students can get a head start by learning exactly what to expect and reading through sample essays. Over time, this type of writing will become second nature and will require less effort to complete. Until that time comes to pass, students can always look online or ask a friend for extra help.

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