Top 10 Fundamental Tips On Writing A College Essay

Writing college essays can be very interesting assignments. At the college stage, teachers are allowing students to write about ever more controversial topics to get their creative juices flowing. This leads to highly innovative and irregular but commendable essays emerging.

Here is a list of our top 10 fundamental tips for writing a great college essay.

  1. Decide the tone
  2. Has your instructor assigned you a particular type of essay? Is it argumentative? Is a compare and contrast? Is it exploratory? The tone of your essay will largely depend on the type of essay and also on your personal preferences. Do you like to write in a humorous tone? Do you like a serious academic tone better?

  3. Look stuff up
  4. Do plenty of research and think of things or topics you like to write about. Narrow your list down and settle on one.

  5. The topic should be attractive
  6. The topic is the first thing a reader sees. It should be interesting and eye catching. It can be controversial or hinting towards controversy. The aim here is to catch the reader’s attention and basically force him or her to start reading the rest of the essay.

  7. The Thesis Statement
  8. Once the topic has been decided, the writer needs to form the thesis statement. This is what the essay derives its fundamentals from. It should be strong and stated in an interesting manner.

  9. Draw up an outline
  10. Think of arguments you would like to make about the topic and make up an outline with headings and subheadings for all that you will need to explore in your essay.

  11. Use a good structure
  12. Use your thesis statement in the introductory paragraph. Use this paragraph to introduce the topic and give a little background. Get your readers to care about your topic. In the body of your essay, make good arguments. Present all sides of an argument and lead your readers to a conclusion of your choice.

  13. Be logical
  14. Make sure your arguments flow from one another and make logical sense.

  15. Be correct
  16. If you are using sources to quote evidence, make sure your information is one hundred percent correct and your sources are beyond reproach.

  17. Be Concise
  18. Do not make your essay a long, meandering piece of writing. Be concise.

  19. Review
  20. Always thoroughly review your work before final submission.

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