Argumentative Essay Writing: 5 General Rules To Follow

What makes an argumentative essay and how can I complete one fast enough? An argumentative essay tests your ability to stand by an idea using the strongest points. You must also be in a position to bring down any opposition. Your arguments must be logical and within a context. What are the rules that will make your writing experience enjoyable and your paper strong?

  1. Pick a Strong Topic
  2. Your topic is the strongest invitation for anyone to read your paper. That sentence appearing at the top determines whether someone readers beyond the heading or pushes it aside like many others that are not captivating to read. Develop a strong topic that captures the subject and the idea you wish to pursue. Ensure that your subject is unique or offers a perspective that has not been seen or heard in the past. This will make your paper compelling to read.

  3. Order Your Sections
  4. There is a standard way to order your sections. The introduction comes first and is meant to brief the reader on what to expect. It also gives your perspective on the issue and may point at the approach you will take to provide a solution. The body carries all the ideas that support your assertion at the introduction. These ideas should be factual and presented in a logical manner. The conclusion binds all points discussed in the body and makes a closing remark. You are expected to give your inference based on the points you have presented.

  5. Consistent Formatting
  6. Follow the instructions given on formatting. It should be consistent to avoid confusing the reader. Since formatting styles like APA and MLA are unique, the style will define the appearance of your work. Use a sample if you have any doubts on the details of the style.

  7. Use Facts
  8. Your arguments must be anchored on facts. Even when dismissing critics or opposition, it must be on the basis of verifiable facts. These facts are obtained from extensive reading. Look for the latest materials on the subject. Journals, articles, books and other academically recognized sources will be accepted.

  9. Edit and Proof Read
  10. Editing allows you to get rid of errors. Some are grammatical while others are typographical. Get online help with editing from professionals if you are not confident about your skills. The charges for editing services are minimal.

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