The Top 15 Most Exciting Persuasive Essay Topics For Junior High Students

In many cases, persuasive essays are one of the most popular types of work that high school students prefer. The reason for this is simple. It allows students to expand their horizon and be more creative when they are developing their argument. Of course, you may say that persuasive essays won’t benefit students, but in fact, the research required and the skills need to write a compelling essay are rather demanding. It is great for the growth of the student’s writing skills. If students are interested in writing some persuasive essays, here are topics that you may want to choose from.

  1. Should we wear uniform at school
  2. Mobile phones should be allowed during school hours
  3. Animal testing should be completely banned
  4. Freedom of speech should be available globally
  5. Equal rights and equal treatments
  6. Guns should be banned in the U.S.A
  7. Poverty and how it can be resolved
  8. The reasons for war
  9. Help from community and its effects
  10. School lunch needs to be more nutritious
  11. What can we learn from people who are more experienced
  12. The importance of University
  13. The necessity of stress relieve when working
  14. Help and support from the school
  15. Drug abuse in school

These are some of the topics that a junior high student should be more than capable to attempt. Obviously, there are certain topics that may seem weird but with some research and general knowledge, these essays can be completed with ease. It is actually very important for students to try them out and see what they can discover about these topics. It is natural for them to find different materials and hence coming up with difference solutions. In most cases, it is impossible for the student to be wrong in these essays, but rather it will only differentiate them depending on what they believe in and how they view matters.

This is a great way to develop their writing skills and in the meantime, one may also find out the personality of the student.

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